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Assignment 3

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Password: mathsisfun

Your Names

(leave your email blank)

Click Login


Create New Page:

Click ‘Create New Page’

Name your new page: Assignment 3 – and your names

Choose ‘No Template’

Click ‘Create New Page’


Assignment 2:

  • Part A:
    • Create three word problems that require negative numbers either in the question or the answer.
  • Part B:
    • Answer each of your word problems. Instead of just writing the answer, describe in words how you solved them.
  • Part C:
    • List three things people should do when solving word problems.
  • Part D – if you have time:
    • See if you can figure out how to make a table using the wiki. If you can, see if you can make this:
8 _ 6
_ _ _
_ 9 2

    • Once you create the table, fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each diagonal add to the same number.


Your page needs:

A title

Your names

Each part of your assignment

Be sure to:

Use correct maths terms




Remember to use this: ! to make things large

Remember to use this: * and a space to make bullet points


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