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Assignment 1



The Background

You have been learning about sequences and functions. Today, you and a partner will be creating a sequence. Your first task is to create a wiki page that has the following information:


  • a title
  • your sequence
  • an explanation of your sequence in words
  • your name and your partner's name


Want to see an example?


Here's how you do it.


  1. From the Quick Start box, under 'Create a New Page' choose 'Create a Group Project'.
  2. Name your page like this: "Assignment 1" then your names.
    1. Example: "Assignment 1 - Billy and Sally"
  3. Be sure the circle next to 'Group Project' is filled in.
  4. Click 'Create New Page'


Here's the next step...

  • Now, change 'Group Project' to 'Assignment 1 - Sequences'
  • Remove the whole section marked 'Working together using this wiki'
  • Under group members, put your own names - remove the four that are there. Don't put any email addresses or any contact information.
  • Change 'Sources' to 'Sequences'
  • Remove everything else and use that space for your sequence and explanation.


Year 7 Pythagoras - Sequences

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